1/13 Team Update

Believe me, I will not be updating this site everyday! But for now, we are just getting the ball rolling, so there's... stuff.

We've set a team goal of 85 cover reveal sign ups. Once we hit that number, because we absolutely will, we will reevaluate.

Current Number Signed Up - 29

We also have the marketing campaign announcement coming soon. It kicks off on February first. There are seven covens in THE UNMARKED WITCH. You will all be assigned a coven. With 28 street team members, you'll be in teams of 4. Congratulations. You're all Coven Leaders now.

All seven covens will be having a competition, but worry not, while you can work on team events with your other coven leaders, we are building a plan. Do you want your friend Emily to be in your Forest Coven and help your team win points? Simple, she pre-orders and claims your coven, she's on your team. If Emily participates in our events, she's going to gain you even more points. Which coven is going to win the Trials? I guess we'll find out in September... more info coming soon...

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