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Fate and Flame




Would you sacrifice yourself for the world?

Ara’s found her soulmate and accepted the bond, but now she must journey south with her team, keeping her secret while fighting against the power that’s threatening to destroy her and the world at every turn. Though fate is non-negotiable, can she find a way to escape it? Or will she have to do the unthinkable before she becomes the victim? The hunted?

It’s over for Temir. He’s lost everything, including his freedom. His mate, who has refused him, has all the answers but can he escape the king and find a way to get that information from her? How can he save the world when he can’t even save himself?
It’s time for war in Alewyn and fate has decided that no one is safe.

One Savior. One Prisoner. One Epic Battle.

Praise for Fate & Flame

I couldn't speak after I finished this (I was crying too hard). This book should come with a warning label: reading will cause you to feel emotions like euphoria, heartbreak, manic betrayal, excitement. 99.9% chance of a book hangover.
I'm still processing everything. What a ride! This series is one of my all time favourites. The characters come full circle and that ending! I recommend this book to anyone who loves epic adult fantasy with sass for days and characters you will fall in love with. -Claire via Goodreads


I barely have words. Gut-wrenching. Heartbreaking. Soul-uplifting. It was all too much, but also, like, not enough because I couldn’t get enough, but at the same time so utterly PERFECT and everything this story needed to be. Miranda Lyn, you are a goddess among writers and I am forever lucky to know you. Forever one of my favorite authors and I’ll keep recommending your books until I am no longer.

I’m gonna begin with how delightful spicy this particular book is...The steaminess picks up right where we left a couple of newly bonded soulmates, as well as with the tentative and sweet new beginnings of another mated pairing...It is undeniable how masterfully these relationships have developed over the course of the series. We have watched these characters suffer and banter until we finally lead up to such intense love. There’s a certain few steamy chapters that come to mind, but that one in the freaking LIBRARY?! Instant fave!

I emphasize romance here because admittedly, it’s something I have been so excited to see from this particular cast of characters, but I cannot stress this final point enough. As a reader, have you ever got an eerie feeling that an author has crafted a story specifically to make you fall in love with it?! That is Fae Rising for me. Fae and dragons, smutty romance and nonstop snarky characters with hilarious quippy friendships and dialogue, suspenseful court dealings with brutal enemies and fateful, bloody battlefields. This series is literally MADE for fans of epic NA Fantasy and Fae Romance alike! - Shelby LiteraryFaery via Goodreads

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