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In this captivating holiday novella following the events of The Unbound Witch, Marley, a witch burdened by a dark history, possesses an extraordinary gift-the power to hunt shattered hearts with her enchanting magic. With every Winter Solstice, a relentless pursuit commences, as she begins a quest to help a wounded soul, invoking the Spirits of Past, Present, and Future. Though Marley abhors her magical abilities and the role she must play, the goddess does not care.



She unknowingly hunts down Atlas, now stripped of his shapeshifting powers and consumed by an unyielding resentment towards magic. Their fates intertwine, and Marley finds herself irresistibly drawn into the pits of Atlas' haunting past, challenging his deeply ingrained fear of commitment. Bound by magic, they must stay together as Atlas embarks on a perilous royal mission.



As their connection deepens, Marley and Atlas unwittingly become entangled in the shadows of Marley's own haunted history, setting off a race against time that pushes their limits to the edge. Will Atlas summon the strength to redefine his destiny? Can they rise above the weight of their individual burdens and forge a shared future?

Prepare to be spellbound by the poignant twists and turns that shape the interwoven fates of Marley and Atlas in this loose retelling of Charles Dickens' timeless classic, "A Christmas Carol."

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