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Chaos and Destiny





Control can either be lost or taken.

Ara finds herself locked in the prince’s rooms and she wants answers. All of them. But when she doesn’t like what she hears, she storms out and begins another journey. Only this time, she’s got a prince and his lackeys on her tail and none of them know how to take no for an answer.

Temir is done. With the king. With the hatred. With it all. As the newest member of the rebellion, he has to prove himself useful, navigate a devastating loss, and somehow find a way to help Gaea through her own grief. But when King Autus sends him on a dangerous mission, all bets are off.

King Tolero has lived for thousands of years, but the last fifty have been the longest and hardest. Losing your mate, and thus half of your soul, can devour you from within. But when his kingdom is under attack, and his son is gone, he’s forced to take control and let the beast within him loose once more.

One Prophecy. One Rebel. One King. Absolute Chaos.


The stakes are high, and blood will spill in this thrilling, magical epic. Chaos & Destiny is not to be read. It's to be devoured!

*whisper* Miranda Lyn makes me feel inadequate as an author. There, I said it.

She did amazing with Blood and Honor. She KILLED it with Chaos and Destiny! I laughed, cried, and cheered throughout this book. I don't know how she does it. Ara and her one-liners ugh, yes! And now we got Kai as comedy back up? Freaking gold! I will always high rate books that make me laugh and cry. 🙌

The relationship with Ara and Fen. I can't. Miranda makes you fall in love with her characters as they fall in love with each other. Beautifully exquisite writing. -Beck Michaels Author of The Guardians of the Maiden Series

Wow, there are no words to do justice for this sequel. I have been swallowed whole, mind and soul, by the words of this book. There is magic woven in these words, you feel the loss and grief, hatred and need for revenge, frustration and lust for the hunky Prince Fen ** MINE!!! I CALLED DIBS ** but seriously, I am just amazed how many emotions this books pulls you through.

Then, we meet new characters and a few new povs, the character growth with Temir is breathtaking. He really grows into his own and it was absolutely one of my favorite pieces. Also, DRAGONS!!!!!! That’s all, I will say no more. I am left drooling for more, but the book hangover I can already feel creeping in is so worth it. Well done, so incredibly well done and I simply cannot wait for book three! - Lauren via Goodreads

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